Proteins are an essential part of our diets. They are one of the three macronutrients that the body needs for everyday functioning. Whatever diet you are on, proteins are a must lest your body starts using up stored fats.

Vegetarians are often left wondering what options they have when it comes to proteins. In this article, we will show our vegan friends that their protein choices are not limited. Look at protein vegetarian meals you want to try out!

Experts recommend that an average person consumes an optimal amount of proteins per day; 45g for women between 18-50 and 55g for men in the same age bracket. The amount of protein to be consumed by both genders also depends on;

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Activity level

A sixth of the diet should be made of proteins. So, why is this so important? Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies, which means we need to keep up with the body’s needs. Proteins are responsible for building hormones, enzymes, and antibodies that protect the immune system from the attack of diseases.

Great news is its remarkably simple to keep up with the protein’s daily needs of the body, whether you are vegan or vegetarian. There are so many alternatives available you will literally be unable to choose. Look at our high-protein vegan meals that will ensure to keep you healthy and bursting with energy.

22 High Protein Vegan Meals

  1. Sloppy sums
    This is an alternative meal to sloppy joes for vegetarians. The meal is not only delicious but packs a protein value of 39%. It’s also pretty simple to prepare.
  2. Light paneer curry
    This meal is packed with nutrients starting with the peas, which add extra protein to the heavy delicious vegan curry. The tomatoes and ginger contribute to the flavor and fragrance of the sauce.
  3. Chili bean and bulgar cakes
    The bulgar is the source of protein in this dish. When chili meets falafel in this dish, you can expect nothing but satisfaction.
  4. Smoky vegan black bean soup
    There is always so much you can do with beans not to speak of the high protein content. This soup packs 14g of proteins with each serving. It’s also packed with veggies, and you can add a touch of garlic for spice.
  5. Quinoa bake
    Talk of a delicious yet amazingly nutritious Caprese bake! The bake should take about 20 minutes to come together and enjoy the goodness of tomatoes and quinoa protein.
  6. Portobello mushrooms
    Looking for a quick dinner fix with high protein content to replenish the energy lost through the day? The vegan stuffed portobello mushrooms are an absolute delight.
  7. Falafel burger
    Looking for a healthy snack for your kids or office friends? Falafel burger pack high protein from the chickpeas and yogurt. Also, the burgers don’t come apart when flipped! You can also pair the falafel with a whole-wheat bun or a simple bed of greens of your choice.
  8. Tofu and vegetable stir fry
    Did your eyes just light up on hearing tofu? Some people find tofu bland and chewy, but the protein content can compensate for that. This recipe is bound to change your mind. Ensure you are using meat baked tofu in your stir fry for unforgettable lunch.
  9. Halloumi and Greek salad serving wraps
    Between the salty halloumi, the meal remains a highly satisfying and nutritious protein source.
  10. Sweet potato and black bean enchiladas
    This one-pot meal is sure to reduce the cleaning your need to do, but the best part is the touch of black beans in the dish. The protein content makes this a very rich and creamy dish you will definitely love.
  11. Tahini lemon quinoa and asparagus ribbons
    This dish screams everything high protein! It’s packed with quinoa and chickpeas with a zesty lemony flavor. How do you like the idea of asparagus ribbons?
  12. Light lentil curry
    This meal can serve as a delicious main meal with high nutrient content. The meal has a 24% protein value.
  13. Cranberry almond bites
    These are simple energy bites you can make for the office or for your kids to carry to school. These cranberry almond bites are also freezable for later! You can even add some flaxseeds for more protein and texture.
  14. Mixed grain salad
    Mixed grains are a known powerhouse of proteins. You can serve the mixed grains with roast sweet potatoes, some cucumber, radishes, and a punchy dressing.
  15. Smoky chickpea pizza
    Craving some pizza? You cannot go wrong with this chickpea crispy pizza. Chickpeas are always a great option when you are looking for a punch of protein. You can also add a generous serving of Lebanese cream cheese.
  16. Kale and chickpea soup
    Soups are always quite something! This soup is the definition of delicious and nutritious. The chickpeas are a protein powerhouse with 20g protein per serving.
  17. Ginger miso noodles
    This fresh and pretty simple meal will take your breath away. The strong flavor of ginger and the noodles will make you forget about the tofu.
  18. BBQ baked beans with cornbread and coleslaw
    Vegetarian meals are far from boring! This dish is packed with proteins from the pinto beans. Ensure you soak the beans overnight.
  19. Mushroom chili with lime soured cream
    This is another simple but healthy twists for your family. The dish is low in calories, gluten-free, and protein-packed from the mushroom.
  20. Cajun tofu tacos
    You will never run out of tofu recipes because it’s an excellent protein source. This dish is anything but bland and boring. It takes a maximum of 30nminutes to prepare and makes an excellent snack or dinner.
  21. Chili with butternut squash
    A combination of corn and beans is the perfect meatless protein punch you need after a long day. This amazing chili is also freezer-friendly, so you can make in advance and warm it when needed.
  22. Vegan meatballs
    Oh yes, you heard that right! Meatballs, just without meat but textured vegetable protein, some tofu, and bulgur rice to stick together. You can create this flavorful and nutritious meal in no time to serve it up for lunch. You can enjoy your meatballs with some tomato sauce.


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