Too much protein consumption will usually result in you putting on weight. This is because the excess protein consumed is usually stored as fat. This will lead to wait gain. Therefore it is important to not over indulge when eating protein.

Why are proteins so important in our life?

Protein is very important for our health. The human body requires a certain amount of protein in our daily life activities. Protein is inevitable for building muscle mass. We all need protein to repair and maintain the tissues of our body. We can take protein from animal sources majorly and as well as plants also. Protein is a building block of human life and also plays a vital role in providing energy to our body.

What happens if we eat high protein?

Eating protein daily is good for our health in all aspects. However, too much protein consumption can lead to some health issues. An individual who consumes the recommended amount of protein does not face any issues. In case if he exceeds the limit prescribed by Nutritional experts then he has to face some serious health issues in his life.

Over consumption of protein

You should certainly be aware of the daily limit of protein intake and the issues associated with it if the limit exceeds. Basic knowledge of calculating the protein limit per day is a must and essential tip to your normal health. Consuming protein above the daily limit per day for a long time would normally result in serious health issues to the individual. If you want to avoid health complications due to over consumption of protein, it is foremost important checking the protein level in the daily intake without fail. The risks of high intake of protein are very high normally for an individual.

Considering the health risks on overconsumption of protein, you should make a note of the protein you consume daily. This is not rocket science but learned with the help of a dietitian. Let us see What Happens If You Eat Too Much Protein here;

Weight gain risk

The higher intake of protein daily for a long period would result in gaining weight. In common, people tend to eat more protein to reduce their weight. This is true and exactly correct as per the researches. However, the same person who takes protein aiming for weight loss would consume more food items that contain protein. The body normally takes enough protein for its activities, and store excess protein in the form of fat in our body. Hence, the fat deposit gets increased as long as you consume more protein in the form of food items.

You might think that protein consumption would not increase your weight, but you forget about your increased food items for the sake of protein. Many people consume more proteins replacing carbohydrates. Hence, your weight gets increased due to heavy much protein intake daily. Some might take protein shakes that contain a lot of sugar which leads to weight gain.

Poor bone health

High intake of protein in our food would lead to poor bone health issues. Osteoporosis is the health risk associated with the overconsumption of protein intake. More protein you eat makes your bone very weak and normally associated with bone loss. Calcium is lost through the urine due to the breaking of a bone because your intake of calcium level is very low when you take protein more.

Bad breath issue

Normally, bad breath occurs in a person if he takes a high protein diet daily basis. If we analyze his diet plan, it is very clear that he might have reduced the carbohydrate content in his food. As a result of this diet formula, he could face bad breath issues. The in-depth analysis gives answers that the person might be suffering from Ketosis condition. Ketosis is a metabolic process that produces energy from fats that are stored up. This condition produces an unpleasant odor or small which results in bad breath. This bad smell is reduced by brushing twice and changing the diet plan.

Heart disease

Yes, high protein intake is also a reason for heart disease. The protein-rich sources like animal meat are usually consumed by the person who follows the protein-rich diet. The person who takes protein level high in the form of the animal source is affected by heart disease. The cholesterol level might increase in blood and it would lead to serious heart diseases. It is better to add plant protein-rich sources for a healthy life by calculating the level of protein daily. Saturated fat which is harmful to the heart is found more in red meat.

Constipation and diarrhoea issue

Normally, people who consume less amount of fiber content-rich food would suffer from constipation. Constipation issues occur mostly among people who do not eat enough fiber food. Bowel movements of a person are good if he takes a good amount of carbohydrates that are rich in fiber content. Usually, the person who consumes more protein-rich food and avoiding carbohydrates might suffer from constipation problem. People who consume more processed food instead of fiber-rich content food might suffer from diarrhoea often in his life. This problem is normally present among individuals who do take high protein instead of easy digesting fiber content food.

Cancer problem

To an extent, a person who takes more amount of protein might suffer from cancer issues in his rectal and colon parts. A high dose of protein level on a long term basis may result in cancer. This problem is found with the person who consumes more amount of animal meat.

Kidney issue

The high amount of protein intake frequently leads to kidney disease. The kidney removes waste from the body in the form of urine. If a person takes high protein than the prescribed level, then the work of kidneys is doubled than before. Hence, more work pressure of kidneys puts it into heavy trouble and hence it stops functioning at extreme conditions. Kidney deterioration occurs only when you consume more protein than normal. These issues are found mostly among people who have preexisting kidney problems fora long time. Hence, these kidneys that have issues already find it very difficult to cope with the excreting more waste in the case of low carbohydrate and high protein.


Dehydration problem normally affects the health of a person who consumes much protein and low carbohydrates. The increased protein level in the body may dehydrate your body condition. As per the findings, the low water level in your body is good for your kidney functioning. The level of hydration decreased when you consume more protein through any form on a daily basis.

Gout risk

The persons who have gout disease may get serious issues due to high protein intake for a long time. An increased level of protein increases the chances of gout risks to a higher extent.

Type 2 Diabetes

It is also believed that diabetes 2 disease has some connection with the high protein intake by a person.

What happens in our body if we eat more protein?

Our body needs protein for our bodybuilding activities. We need a certain amount of protein depending upon age, weight, activity, and sex of the person. The amount of protein we need is already prescribed by the nutritionists. If you consume more protein than normal, your body does not need the excess protein that is consumed. So, the excess protein is stored in the fat. The excess protein is not used properly by our body and hence the problem starts as mentioned above. The excess amount of protein creates many issues thereby affecting our body organs.

What is the normal protein level to consume?

The normal level of protein intake by a person is already available. A common chart stating the correct dose of protein per day per person is dependent upon the person’s age, sex, and activity. However, pregnant women, athletes, and very hard working physically active people need a high protein diet than normal people. The adult man and woman need 56 grams and 46 grams of protein per day respectively on average.

Choosing the right food for your good protein intake

You have to choose the correct food items for your exact protein intake per day. If you are careful and perfect while consuming a good portion of food items that contain the right proportion of protein level, you can lead a hassle-free life. Only an excess amount of protein disturbs your body and create many health issues. Learn about the food items that are having high and low protein levels. So, you can calculate the total protein level in your food per day when you consume it. This would also reduce the risk of consuming an excess level of protein.

Protein Takeway:
What happens when you eat more protein?

Are you determined to take more protein in your daily food? If yes, then you need to speak to your nutritionist or a doctor about your plan of high protein diet. He would suggest the best plan after checking your overall body health and also if any health issues in your body. Never go for random diets that have protein because you will have to face serious consequences later. A safe and better high protein level intake alone gives you expected results. Kindly be careful if you have any serious diseases when you decide to go for high protein intake.


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