Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is crucial to ensure you have extremely high protein-rich meals to pack energy to go through the day. Its recommended that you take at least 20 grams of high protein daily to get you through the day feeling full and healthy. If you are a vegetarian looking for some exciting breakfast ideas, you are in the right place. The key to achieving a healthy protein-rich breakfast is adding some lean proteins. You can accomplish this by incorporating simple ingredients like quinoa, tofu, and nuts. Let us look at some of the best protein vegan breakfast ideas!

  1. Chickpea flour pancakes
    Who does not love pancakes for breakfast? Chickpea is a high protein source which makes it great for breakfast. This dish contains 10g of proteins per serving. You can add flavor to this savory dish by sprinkling some pickles, adding yogurt to the mixture, or chutney.
  2. Chocolate peanut butter quinoa breakfast
    Quinoa is not just for dinner and lunch. It is an excellent idea for breakfast too! The high-protein grain can be used as an oatmeal substitute for cereal. Boil some quinoa grain in soy milk to soften it before adding chocolate and peanut butter. You can also add some maple syrup for sweetness.
  3. Sweet potato and quinoa bowl
    This simple meal can be achieved by slicing some sweet potatoes and beet. Place the slices in an oven dish coated with coconut oil and bake until tender. Prepare your quinoa separately then mix with the sweet potato and beet i9n a bowl. You can add some vinegar, lemon, extra virgin oil or pepper to flavor.
  4. Vegan quinoa breakfast porridge
    If you enjoy a cup of porridge instead of tea or coffee, this is the recipe. You can add some chopped fruits and create a nutritious punch. You can also add some cinnamon and vanilla for flavor.
  5. Chickpea avocado toast
    Nothing slaps like a good toast and some chickpea. Did I mention the avocado base? This dish is super simple to prepare but so nutritious. You can add flavors by incorporating turmeric and other amazing flavors of your choice. The meal can also serve as brunch, lunch, or dinner.
  6. Mexican quinoa breakfast
    Quinoa packs exceedingly high protein, which you need to start your day. This meal is also suitable for any time, so do not be fooled by the term breakfast. You can save some time by prepping the quinoa a night before.
  7. Skillet potato and tempeh hash
    This dish does not only cater to the proteins but also other nutrients. The meal can increase your vitamin k, iron, calcium, folates, and fiber intake. Tempeh offers an exceedingly high protein content of up to 31g per cup.
  8. Quinoa avocado breakfast bowl
    What would we do without quinoa? The avocado makes it a whole more interesting and nutritious! You can also add some cheese for the taters. The eggs and quinoa provide a double punch of protein.
  9. Veggie omelet
    You can enjoy this veggie omelet served on top of some toast. You can incorporate your fav veggies in the recipe. The dish provides 43% protein content.
  10. Breakfast burritos
    These burritos are made with some veggies and lots of tofu. Tofu does not need to be so bland and boring! The dish provides 23.7 grams of protein per serving. You can add some garlic or ginger to add to the flavor and even sprinkle some flax seeds.
  11. Greek chickpeas toast
    You can totally avoid eggs by finding an equally nutritious alternative for your toast. Stewed delicious chickpeas can go very well with your toast. The dish is delicious and packs high protein for breakfast. The dish contains 43.8 grams per serving.
  12. Vegan tofu scramble with spinach
    Again, tofu does not need to be boring with all the amazing recipes it can be incorporated. Sautee some mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, and spinach until tender. Drizzle some soy sauce over the dish and add a zesty taste with some lemon juice. The dish alone serves 36g of protein per serving.
  13. Pumpkin chia seed pancake
    This recipe packs remarkably high protein content from the chia seeds. Apart from that, it is a quite simple and amazing recipe for pancake lovers. Then you can spice up your pumpkin and chia seed pancakes with vegan butter and some nuts. Some maple syrup can serve as a sweetener.
  14. Vegan apple pancakes
    There is just something about pancakes! These amazing pancakes are made by blending some soy milk with silken tofu and then adding the mixture to the dry ingredients. Add the chopped apples to create a batter then cook on your pan for delicious pancakes.
  15. Blueberry tofu smoothie
    This is a simple smoothie that can accompany your breakfast. Blend some silken tofu with bananas, blueberries, and soy milk. You can add some maple syrup as a sweetener and enjoy the smoothie with your family.
  16. Sweet potatoes toast
    Here is another wonder of sweet potatoes. You can simply slice the sweet potatoes to sizes of your choice and toast with some chia or sunflower seeds. You can also add nuts of your choice and some vegan butter. The nuts and seeds serve as the source of protein in the dish.
  17. Tempeh sandwiches
    Looking for a high protein source meal for brunch or even breakfast? These sandwiches, when combined with some warm milk, are out of this world! You can prepare the tempeh by pan-frying then add some baby spinach and avocado to make a sandwich.
  18. Vegan banana pancakes
    You can never run out of pancake inspirations that pack high protein! This recipe is very simple and timesaving but packs 21g protein per serving. It’s also delicious and highly satisfying. Just what you need for a long day!
  19. Scrambled tofu on breakfast tacos
    Craving some tacos for breakfast? Prepare your scrambled tofu and enjoy delicious and highly nutritious tacos. Ensure to add some spice to make this protein boost more enjoyable.
  20. Peanut butter bars
    These are also quite a simple recipe that you and your kids will love you only require four ingredients and some protein powder and its ready to go. You can even pack these bars for a snack during the day.


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