Jafffa cakes are cakes with solid chocolate on the top, a Genoise sponge base and a layer of orange flavoured jam – making Jaffa Cakes a desert treat! Jaffa Cakes contain a lot of sugar which spikes insulin and causes weight gain. There are many ingredients which are just basically sugar. The original recipe involves orange jelly, white caster sugar and premade chocolate. This is fine in moderation, but it does not have much nutritional value. However, if you’re someone who wants to build muscle, you can still have these a few times a weak by altering the recipe. This is going to make sure you get all the protein you need while lowering calories and getting in more protein.

Protein Jaffa Cakes: Recipe

With the protein Jaffa cakes, there is going to be more protein added to make sure you get in the nutrition you need. A lot of the sugar is going to be removed for that purpose. The ingredients you will need for the protein jaffa cakes are:

30G of any protein powder
Agave syrup/honey
30G of almonds/oats
An egg
55G of almond/cashew milk
Jello orange marmalade squares

When it comes to the chocolate for your Jaffa protein cakes, you can choose whatever you want. Preferably, what you should use is a dark chocolate that has some protein.

Protein Jaffa Cakes: Directions

First, take your ingredients and mix all of them in a bowl and set small cakes on a cookie sheet.
Then, set your oven to 228 degrees Fahrenheit and let the cakes cook until they are finished.

Ideally, you want to have a golden color so that you know that they are finished. Even after you are finished baking them, you should let them set for a while and let them get cool. What you should do after that is set the orange marmalade squares on your cakes before the final step.

The most important thing you can do is choose the chocolate that you will put on your protein jaffa cakes. What you should do is put your chocolate in a mixing bowl and let it melt over boiling water. You can also make the decision to microwave it, but that could risk the chance of burning it in the process if you are not careful. At this point, all should have to do is put the chocolate on the jaffa cakes and let them set. This should not take that long, but after around an hour it should be very set on the top and you should.

The benefits of making these cakes

These cakes are good snacks which will change the nutritional value you get in your food. If you are someone who wants to get more calories and protein into your diet, this is a good way to do so. Having meals that fill you up is the most important thing before you decide to eat snacks or drink protein. However, snacks are something that are easy to get a lot of and you will get the protein values you need for the day. Eating more of these will either help you maintain muscle or help it to grow.

This is also a decent way for you to lose weight. The calories in these protein jaffa cakes are going to be less than the ones that you buy at the store. When a sore creates snacks or fast food, a lot of msg and sugar needs to be added so that they can keep its shelf life as long as possible. There are a lot of stores that do this, otherwise they would lose money. In your case, you can easily store them in the fridge and they’ll last for a long. The ways of how protein works is going to help you stay less hungry and able to keep a diet that makes sure you don’t overeat.

When eating a lot of snacks at once, it is going to be easy for you not to realize how many of that particular snack that you have eaten in one sitting. Before you know it, you have gained a lot more weight that you planned on in the first place. With the stores, they are going to be more calories than what it would have been to make it at home. But with the protein jaffa cakes, as you eat more and more, you are going to notice that you will be fuller after eating.

Protein works in a way that is more filling to eat than carbs or fats. Protein is going to keep the person full around 5 to 6 times longer than the equivalent amount of carbs. This means the Protein Jaffa cakes have lower calories but are more filling at the same time. You get the best of both worlds and all you need to sacrifice is the time necessary to prepare the cakes.

Recipes like this are very inspirational for a lot of people. When losing fat or gaining muscle, you need to consider what you are replacing your body with. Most people think it’s going to be a very troublesome process because they will have to sacrifice what they like to achieve their goals. However, all they need to sacrifice is time and maybe some extra money over a bland, store-bought product that prioritizes shelf life over quality. Generally, this is going to make more people creative in the kitchen. You know what you like in food which will make it a better experience.

Protein Takeway:
protein jaffa cakes

Overall, this is a good recipe and a great version of the recipe if you’re someone who wants to experiment with foods that they still want to enjoy. With protein powder, it allows you to add more protein, while making sure you can choose just about any flavour you want. This could push someone to trying out a healthier lifestyle which will make them more committed to their diets. The best part of this is you get to make better versions of pre-existing recipes that you never thought of trying. The main meals and supplements should take priority in order to reach your goals, but this a good start to snack alternatives.


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