The answer is no. Banana is not full of protein. Bananas are high in potassium. Each Banana contains about 1.6 grams of protein.

Bananas are a common fruit that everyone is well versed with. Aside from their sumptuous taste, they do have plenty of benefits that you wouldn’t dare overlook. People of all ages consume them as they are readily available. All you have to do is peel off the covering and eat it even when you’re on the go. Thanks to technology, you can learn all the vital details about your favourite fruit. A deeper look into its nutritional contents will make your love for it grow deeper. In case you’ve been wondering; Is banana full of protein? all your answers are right in this article.

Banana Protein Content

Bananas do have protein that helps keep our immune systems functioning effectively. An average-sized banana is said to contain 1.0 to 1.6 grams of protein. Experts say that the amount of protein in bananas is dependent on their size.

A banana or two daily is more than enough to keep you going. Too much of them are also not advisable. This timely piece of information should help you keep track of the number of bananas you should eat.

Banana Health Benefits

It’s high time you knew how beneficial bananas are to your health. They contain a wide variety of benefits that your health can’t do without;

  1. Good for your heart. Bananas contain Potassium, which is known to keep cardiovascular issues at bay. You can also count on bananas to ensure that your blood pressure is under control.
  2. Makes asthma manageable. Parents with asthmatic children should always ensure that their refrigerators never run out of bananas. Wheezing is common in asthma, and bananas contain Potassium that prevents it. Stable and frequent consumption of bananas helps your kids to have a good night’s sleep.
  3. Lowers the blood sugar levels. Bananas contain fiber which is essential for lowering blood sugar levels. Fiber is necessary for the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes. Consistency in your intake of bananas is sure to yield fruits in this context.
  4. Smooth bowel movement. Water and fiber are the key factors that keep your bowel movements smooth and consistent. Look no further than bananas to achieve this benefit. Constipation will be a thing of the past and you’ll have it easy all through.
  5. Awesome mood patterns. Bananas are not shaped like a smile for no reason. Thanks to tryptophan, found in bananas, your moods will be in check. What’s more, it helps in the preservation of your memory. As you grow older, you notice that it’s becoming difficult to remember even the most basic info. Eating bananas puts an end to this nightmare.

Other Uses of Banana

There’s so much you could try out with bananas especially if you’re tired of the same old patterns. For instance, they can be used in flavoring your pastries. There are plenty of recipes that should be your guiding factor. Bananas give you the courage to tread in unfamiliar territories in your kitchen. You can give healthy recipes a try and make them so sumptuous for your kids to enjoy. For instance, no one can resist banana-flavored bread. The next time you find yourself having more bananas that you think you have no use for, think along these lines.

Bananas are Always Available

There isn’t a time of the year when bananas are said to be out of season. They ripen quickly once they are harvested. While other fruits are out of stock at the grocery store, you can count on bananas.

They are convenient as they contain nutrients found in other fruits that are not easily accessible. What more could you ask for especially at this time when you need to pay more attention to your diet?

Bananas are cheap

The fact that you might not be doing well financially doesn’t mean that your diet has to be affected. On the contrary, it’s possible to have a balanced diet when bananas are on board.

They are affordable and won’t dent your pockets even when you buy them on impulse. Bananas sum up all that you’ll need to call your meals balanced. They fall just about anywhere including snacks.

When you’re out with your kids, pack bananas for them to eat in case they get hungry. This will save up money that could have been used on pizza and other unhealthy meals.

The Storage Factor

Bananas should always be stored under room temperature. Avoid storing them in the fridge at all costs. This will only see them turn their natural color to black and finally wither.

This is one way to destroy your appetite for bananas. Worse still, you might want nothing to do with them ever again. You’ll grow to enjoy each of their benefits and fruitful taste when you follow the right storage recommendations.

Avoid closed and dark spaces as they’ll only cause them to over-ripen. Try open spaces such as the kitchen counter or even your dining table. Encourage your family members to eat them as soon as you get them from the grocery store.

Protein for Kids

Maybe your kids are not so fanatical about bananas but they need protein to aid their growth and development. How about making their dishes more lively and including bananas? For instance, make their usual oatmeal and slice a banana to top it up. A bite of it will help them get their day started on a positive note. It’s all in the presentation; you won’t have to get into fights with your kids at mealtimes. Every parent’s dream is to have their children well-fed and have a fair share of their daily protein intake.

The Weight-watch Adventure

Bananas are low in calories and can offer you all the help you need in your weight-loss adventure. You can have one for a snack after an intense workout along with a fresh bottle of mineral water.

Who said weight-loss is all about starving yourself to achieve your fitness goal? It’s all about eating healthy meals and snacks and cutting down on your food intake.

The best part is that there are plenty of options for you to try out as far as bananas are concerned. You could blend some juice and include them along with other fruits.

Bananas are Great For Your Skin

Your skin will tell the world about all that’s going on in your body. It gets embarrassing to have to face the world with dry skin that generally looks unhealthy. Aside from drinking plenty of clean water, inculcate bananas into your diet frequently and watch what happens. Potassium in bananas helps keep your skin moisturized and supple. Vitamin A also helps in getting rid of dry, parched skin. Your consistency in eating bananas clears out the rough texture of your skin and replaces it with soft skin.

Silky, Healthy Hair

Hair is one of the most sensitive areas of our bodies. It tells a lot about the current state of your health. Hair that keeps falling off prematurely is a wake-up call that shouldn’t be ignored.

Aside from the expensive health care products you use, check on your diet as well. The proteins in bananas help keep your hair strong and healthy. This doesn’t mean you should only eat bananas once in a while to achieve this goal.

Adopting the consistency factor is just what you need to do to restore your hair to its full glory. Dandruff, dryness, as well as hair issues, are effectively sorted out.

Bananas give a Boost to your Immune System

As i type this COVID-19 is out there hunting down all the weak immune system. Even when Covid-19 is gone; there will be other threats. Guess what? You can escape this hunt simply by eating bananas as frequently as you can. If you’re a fan of smoothies and trying out something new, here’s your chance.

Treat yourself to a banana-based smoothie every morning before breakfast. Adopting this healthy practice will see you beat every disease or illness that may be trying to take you out.

Your only secret should be consistency and the rest will fall neatly in place. Vitamin B6 in bananas is all it takes to achieve a strong immune system.

Bananas Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Bananas contain a type of protein called Lectin. Studies show that it helps in the prevention of the growth of Leukemia cells. Talk about a safe and natural way to prevent cancer cells from growing in your body.

So now you know what you have to do, right? Ditch the bag of chips and snack on banana or banana smoothie. You’ll wish you began this routine earlier but it’s never too late to start.

Might Not Work For All

Sadly, not everyone is set to benefit from the multiple benefits that bananas have to offer. Those that are affected by allergies may want to check with their doctors first before trying out any banana dishes.

If your allergies are always on the prowl even at the mere smell of bananas, try substituting with fresh vegetables or other fruits. If your allergies are mild, your doctor may come up with a flexible menu for you and see whether your body could accommodate bananas.

Be moderate and try not to exceed the dietary recommendations stipulated by your physician.


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