Healthy people can safely drink protein shakes. Protein shakes however are not designed to replace meals. It is best to use them between meals and/or around your gym workouts.

Protein Shakes are generally protein powder that can be mixed with milk or water to boost your protein level. Lately, the craze for these supplements has increased many folds making it one of the most popular drinks for gym-goers and athletes. Protein is a very good resource for weight loss. A high concentration of protein in the body can boost metabolism resulting in a reduction of appetite. Whey protein is also a very good supplement that has a very high nutritional value.

Protein shakes are the building blocks for your good health. They can be added to your diet when there is less protein content in your food. Consuming it daily before and after workouts adds nutrients value to the body helping you to perform better. These days’ protein shakes are available in various flavors enabling consumers to buy flavors of their choice. Also, protein shakes are made from various protein powders that have their benefit. To know more below are mentioned some of the most popular kinds of protein good for your body growth.

Whey Protein

Whey Protein is very popular as it contains all the essential amino acids needed for the body. This protein is completely dairy-based and can be absorbed very quickly. The reason being whey is a very soluble dairy product.

Casein Protein

Casein Protein has all the essential amino acids required for the body. They have to be absorbed very slowly unlike Whey protein. Casein Protein is made from dairy-based products.

Soy Protein

Soy Protein is a completely plant-based protein containing all the necessary amino acids. There are also additional contents that can provide several health benefits like soy isoflavones.

Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein has a very high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fats but at the same time has a low content of the essential amino acids. Hemp Protein is a completely plant-based protein good for the body.

Rice Protein

Rice Protein is a plant-based protein and has a very low content of essential amino acids especially lysine which is required for the body.

Pea Protein

Pea Protein has a very low content of essential amino acids such as cysteine and methionine which is required for body growth. Pea Protein as the name suggests is completely a plant-based protein.

Benefits of Protein Shakes consumption before and after Workout

Protein shakes provide various benefits to the body as protein shakes may have contents of different proteins. Each of these proteins has its characteristics aiding the body. There are various benefits that protein shakes can provide the body. Some of the most essential benefits that protein shakes provide are mentioned below.

Protein Shakes aids to decrease the urge of hunger and appetite

Protein shakes are very good sources of decreasing hunger and appetite. The reason being it can increase the level of appetite which is done by reducing hormones such as GLP-1 and PYY. When consuming protein shakes it helps you to fill full for longer, therefore, restricting you to consume less food.

This is why protein shakes are very beneficial for people combating weight loss. By adding more protein to the weight loss diet can help combat weight loss issues. It will provide more energy to perform other tasks without needing to consume any food.

Protein Shakes Increases Metabolism

By consuming more protein shakes the body can burn more calories than usual. This is possible because protein shakes help increase the metabolism in the body. If you are looking for good muscles than it is possible now by taking high protein content in your diet added up with training and exercises. A lot of our strength is utilized especially for digesting and metabolizing foods that we consume. By taking protein we can provide the body with more energy to build muscles as it helps in burning more calories than as compared to fat.

Protein Shakes help in losing weight

One of the most prominent things that protein shake does is that it helps to reduce body fats, especially in the belly region. This is possible by consuming high protein that helps you to lose more fat. The process is very simple and can be achieved by consuming the high content of protein in your diet. This content of high protein will enable the body to reduce more fat giving you more energy to work out and do other regular activities too with exhausting.

Protein shakes aids in preventing muscle loss

People taking weight loss diets often end up losing a lot of muscle. This is because of the low content of protein in the body which is causing a slowdown of metabolic activities in your body. Taking high content of protein will enable muscles to regain their form by increasing the metabolic activities in the body. Protein shakes are very essential for people who train hard and also for people who are combating weight loss by following a diet routinely.

Benefits of taking protein shakes before bed

Protein Shakes can be very fruitful if consumed before bed. The timing is perfectly right for your body to perform the necessary activities to regain strength when you wake up the next morning. Consuming protein especially before sleep has various benefits which are mentioned below:

Many active adults, athletes, and bodybuilders take their necessary supplements as protein shakes before bed as many types of research show the added benefits especially when consumed before bed. The body gets ample time to prepare and regain strength enabling better metabolism and increased energy.

  • Consuming protein shakes before bed ads up to provide better muscle growth. Several types of research have found better muscle growth when protein shakes are taken before bed.
  • Taking protein shakes before bed has also resulted in improved recovery of the body. The protein helps to improve ingestion in the body post-exercise.
  • Consuming protein shakes before bed can improve performance. This takes place due to enhancement in reconditioning the muscle. Working out the next day will be easy as more strength is provided to the body.

4x Common Mistakes while opting for Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are very necessary for athletes, bodybuilders, and active adults to help them boost their metabolism. The boost in metabolic activities in the body provides individuals more energy enabling them to work out for a longer period. The calories burned are far more when done after consuming protein shakes.

Although, many people keep making mistakes while preparing protein shakes adding countless ingredients that may result in harming the body’s metabolic activities. Below are mentioned some of the common mistakes that people make while preparing their protein shakes. Also provided are the fix to such issues enabling you to make the perfect protein drink including all necessary ingredients.

  1. Don’t over complicate the mixture with several ingredients
    Many people add all ingredients together such as milk, dried fruits, almond butter, and many more. This process is completely wrong as it adds up to the calorie count which is not good for your body. The fix to this is very straightforward. Just add some low sugar ingredients as it helps to increase the muscles and not belly fats.
  2. Don’t think about the price when buying Protein Shakes
    Many people are concerned about the high price of protein shakes and end up buying cheap shakes. Cheap protein shakes contain excess fat and carbs that might be harmful to your body. It is suggested to buy a protein shake that is rich in protein and low in fat and carbs.
  3. Restrain yourself from over-consuming of Protein Shakes
    Many people keep taking a high dosage of protein shakes thinking it will provide better results which are not true. What happens is when you are consuming too much protein the waistline increases which are going to haunt you in the future. To avoid such circumstances it is suggested to consume protein shakes in a regularized manner. There are many experts that you can take opinions from who would be able to guide you with the right amount of protein required for your body.
  4. Make sure your supplement has a high content of BCAAs and leucine
    Many people start by taking cheap protein to build muscle. This is completely wrong as cheap protein contains high carbs and fats. Also, these protein shakes do not contain the essential amino acids that are required for the development of the body. Opting to buy an expensive protein shake is very beneficial for your body growth and development. Make sure the protein shake you are buying has a high concentration of BCAAs and leucine. Leucine is one of the most prominent acids that help in stimulating muscle protein.

Protein Takeway:
Should I drink protein shakes

Protein shakes are supplements that are delicious, easy to consume, and very safe if you are looking forward to adding some extra protein to your diet. While it has many benefits sometimes taking a high dosage of such protein can prove harmful. It is necessary to use protein shakes as a supplement if you are working out and require more protein for increased strength and stamina.

Athletes and bodybuilders consume a high dosage of protein as they require more energy for their activities. It is advisable to use protein shakes as per the mentioned dosage to give the best results. The answer to “Should I drink protein shakes” will get simplified once you have referred to the above-mentioned points.


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