Protein quantification is necessary to understand the total protein content in a formulated product or sample.

Theory: Unlabelled quantification depends on signal intensity of precursors or chromatography. The first is applicable for high precision mass spectrometry. The HRMS level enables the label less quantification process. Label less quantification aims to determine the relative amount of protein in two or more biological samples.

There are two types of untagged quantification methods: one based on the intensity of the first spectrum parent ions; The other is based on the secondary spectrum number of the appropriate peptide.

Label less Quantification Methods

  • Signal intensity method
    In traditional proteomics, the protease must first be cut into peptides and separated by liquid chromatography. Separate and elute peptides according to their different hydrophobicity, ionic strength and isoelectric points. And then using an electrospray ionization source to create gas phase ions. The mass spectrometer records and isolates considering its mass-to-charge ratio, which is called the primary ion scan. Under the condition of secondary fragmentation, ion spectra of the secondary fragmentation can be obtained. And then back to the parent ion scan for the next cycle, commonly known as a data dependent acquisition model. In the first mass spectrum, each primary ion contains three-dimensional information: HPLC retention time, ionic strength, and mass charge ratio. Scientifically, the intensity of the precursor ion signal obtained by electrospray ionization is correlated with the ion concentration, and each major ion consists of ionized peptides. The intensity of the ion peak drawn from the first mass spectrum for peptide identification can reflect the frequency of the peptides. Commonly used parameters for maximum ion intensity are maximum height, maximum area and maximum volume, etc.
  • Spectrum number
    Generally higher protein frequency, more peptides generated by digestion; The more tryptic peptides are present, the more unique will be the matching peptides that were analyzed and identified by mass spectrometry. Of course, the number of the corresponding secondary spectrum will also be higher. This is the basis for label less quantification with respect to spectrum numbers. Therefore, it is also seen as a simple approach to relative protein quantification. The spectral count model reflects the frequency of proteins by adding the number of secondary spectra of all the peptides.

Quantitative methods

Different protein quantifications can be achieved based on the analysis of the information

Large amount of data: high need for information analysis

These two approaches are basic for unlabelled quantification and are also widely used in protein quantification. Given the value of most of our clients, Creative Proteomics also offers promotional activities until the 19th of this month, in the hope that all clients can find their own needs at a great discount during this period. You will also receive a discount of up to 20%.

Protein Takeway:
protein quantification

If you want to add lean mass, you know that eating the required amount of protein a day can cause headaches. Depending on your penchant for muscle goals, it may be necessary to eat the same amount of protein every day, and it is not only not fun, but it is also a creepy nonsense. A healthy diet is always beneficial because it keeps you fit and healthy. Each food you eat contains a certain amount of protein. If you eat too much raw food, you may not stay fit enough for a lifetime.

Life is too short. So why not live healthy by eating fresh, protein-rich food? If you are excited, protein bags are also available to help balance your diet. Too much consumption does not make sense. But eating it in a guided way can help a lot. Protein bags are at the market or even at the supermarket. When it comes to packaging challenges, the problems associated with contagion control agents are most important to the brain. This is where most pharmaceutical packaging companies face dilemmas. As soon as pharmaceuticals leave manufacturing companies, concerns about protecting products from infectivity spread to the packaging industry.

This is not the end of the challenges of pharmaceutical packaging. There are many other concerns when packing products. For example, there is a possibility that drug molecules, such as proteins, may be wrapped in glass containers, leaving a much smaller number of useful drugs in treatment products. Most of the good pharmaceutical companies that respond to this use a material recognized as CZ Resin. This is a plastic fabric that is a cyclic olefinic polymer that is normally available on the market as syringes and vials. This material absorbs less protein than typical glasses in common use. The product packaging must contain information on use, transport, recycling / disposal, etc. on the product safety regulation label. The information can be in writing, observation, caution, or symbol on paper. Relaxed functions should be required for easy administration, presentation, presentation, launch, sale, reclosure, use and reuse. This provides the program with additional domain and protection for the package, regardless of how it is managed.

People who cannot get enough high-quality protein can get a valuable result with these supplements. If you’re someone who needs a higher protein intake, or if your diet just results in you not getting enough protein and wanting to increase it to the recommended daily values, protein supplements can be an effective way to do this.

Protein is also useful for people who only want to increase certain amino acids. For example, lysine is a supplement to the treatment of the herpes virus. There are also special combinations of proteins that are sold as fat burners. People who follow diets often use specially made protein bars that reflect the nutritional principles of this diet. These bars and powdered drinks available on the market today offer bodybuilders a convenient way to increase their lean protein intake, and for many, they are a quick and nutritious snack. For those who have little or no protein in their diet or have a legal reason to increase their food intake, this can be an effective way to achieve their daily nutritional goals.

For those who already have a lot of protein in their diet; It should be noted that an excessive amount of protein in the diet can cause calcium loss through urine and dehydration when the body tries to get rid of excess protein. When using nutritional supplements, it is important to be sensitive and not to strain yourself too much. Excess nutrients, whether carbohydrates, fats, or proteins, are converted into fats and stored in the body. Therefore, it is particularly important for people trying to lose weight to consider the total caloric value of protein bars and supplemental drinks that they consume.


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