Proteins play an important role in weight loss and fitness. Just like men, women have their dietary requirements for the proper functioning of their bodies. Most health sites and organizations suggest that one should take around 50 to 60 g of proteins a day when in the real sense, this is too low, especially if you are into active sports.

Your protein requirement shoots up further if you are an athlete. Remember, you need to maintain your muscle mass and strength even as you work out. This is important for a healthy, fulfilling life. You also need proteins to be in the perfect health condition. You are advised to eat high protein foods, which are diets consisting of all the essential amino acids. To supplement this, you need protein powders, which are normally rich in this essential body nutrient.

It is worth noting that some protein powders fit women best owing to their body and strength requirements. Unlike men, not a lot of women have shredded ripped muscles. Therefore, whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, powerlifter, or casual lifter, you will always find the perfect, well-tailored, and enhance protein powder. Let us take a look at some of the most exceptional protein powder for women:

  1. Whey
  2. Pea
  3. Casein
  4. Brown rice
  5. Hemp
  6. Soy


Whey serves women who lift weights. Therefore, whether you are into power or casual lifting, it can help you have your purpose. A 30g portion is equivalent to 21g protein, which is pretty good. It is what you get when you scrap cheese. It is the resultant liquid. In case you are wondering why this option has topped our list, it contains 65-70% protein, thereby beating all the plant-based options. Whey also makes up for some of the essential amino acids that your body needs.

If you have a problem with dairy products, you can use whey isolate, which has all the milk sugar removed. If you are looking for the perfect product under this category, The Fit Protein is all you need. It costs slightly below 30 pounds, and you can easily buy it from It will help you push yourself harder in the gym, crush all your goals, and support muscle repair and growth.

Lastly, Whey contains an essential amino acid, leucine, which is essential for muscle growth and repair. The mere fact that it contains a larger quantity means that it is perfectly suited for our course. Isn’t this what you want? To further break this down, 13% of all the protein available in Whey is leucine, which cannot be compared to all the other sources. A notable hack if you are heavy on lifting or overall work out is having two doses, one before you work out and the other after you are done.

You can, therefore, choose to take 15g before the session commences and a similar amount afterward. I hope that you now sufficiently understand why Whey is the first of our recommendations.


Pea is an essential option that serves women who experience a lot of bloating by using protein-based products. It is a vegan protein that is made from fiber-rich yellow split peas. The extraction process gets rid of all the gas, which is responsible for bloating. Pea is rich in leucine, which is a fundamental amino acid. It has also been proven that this product drastically increases muscle mass. It has no fiber content and is mostly used as a post-workout solution.

However, make sure that you take it alongside other plant protein for the best results. This is because this product has a relatively lower quantity of essential amino acids, which must be provided in the diet since the body does not manufacture them. 30g of pea will give you 23g of protein, which is remarkable. Remember, your body needs protein for several body functions. You can pair this product with other meals such as oat bran, which has a higher quantity of these amino acids.

For an easier experience, you can easily add a 30g scoop to your smoothie and gulp it all down. However, if you have time, you can prepare protein porridge and include the oats. I am sure that you do appreciate a delicious, nutritious combo.


Casein is meant for women who would like to lose weight. A 30g substrate gives you 26g of protein, which is on the higher side. It is a dairy bi-product that helps women shed some kilograms and achieve the best bodies. Casein works for everybody and is recommended because it takes a long time to digest, leaving a jelly in your stomach afterward, which will leave you feeling all full. Most people feel like its meathead association makes it ineffective for weight loss, which is not true.

Casein also plays other major roles, such as stopping your muscles from breaking down, which is essential if you want to shed weight without losing all your body muscles. Remember, you can easily gain back weight but not muscles. The best time to take Casein is in the evening. However, if you have a problem with dairy products, this may not be your ideal product. You can still check out all our other options.

Brown rice

If you are a woman who enjoys eating high protein snacks, this is the best product for you. 30g of brown rice will furnish your body with 23g of proteins, which is similar to Whey. It is made by grinding rice grains and treating them with enzymes. Brown rice is good for the gut, which makes it a better alternative to Whey. The only disadvantage is that it is not as rich in proteins, and therefore, you need to take it alongside other meals such as quinoa.

Therefore, make sure that you eat several plant protein sources in your meal to help in protein complementation. It is also better than white rice since to get the number of proteins a 30g quantity offers, you have to eat 500g. You definitely don’t want that. Brown rice is healthier than the white option. Therefore, if you are thinking of losing some weight alongside your daily workout, this is the best product for you.


Hemp, just like you have figured out, best serves vegans. It is made from pressed and finely ground hemp seeds. Unfortunately, 30g of Hemp will give you only 16g of proteins, which is pretty low. On the other hand, this product has anti-inflammatory omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which you won’t find in just any other plant. It also contains all the amino acids.

However, you need to keep in mind that these amino acids exist in small quantities compared to all the other options. This is one area that whey and casein prove themselves. Out of the 21, a notable amino acid is leucine, whose quantity is pretty low in Hemp. It can also lead to bloating due to its high fiber content.

To get the best out of Hemp, make sure that you combine it with any leucine-rich pea protein, like the one we reviewed above. Such a move will increase the number of amino acids in the product and fasten your muscles’ repair and growth.

All in all, if you are a vegan woman who is looking for something reliable, do not shy away from Hemp.


If you are a busy woman who spends all her free time in the gym, soy is the right product for you. 30g of soy will furnish you with 11.2 g of protein. You must have read of nutritionists warning people from taking soy due to certain health-related issues, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The best blend that will help you escape all these dreadful stories is the Norvia Active Performance blend, which incorporates soy protein, fiber, and lipids.

 It targets heavily active people, be it in the gym or their regular workplaces. Norvia Active Performance will help you prepare your body for heavy workout sessions, giving you nothing but the absolute best. Therefore, you can take a sachet when going to the gym and drink up after your session is over. Apart from the normal dose of protein that your shakes provide, this product will give your body a gracious supply of Vitamin B12 and B6, which will help you deal with fatigue.

I am also sure that your body will appreciate a quick drink after your session is over.

There are several brands that you can settle on when getting any of these products. However, you need to be choosier for the best results. Some of the notable brands include Neat Nutrition, MyProtein, Elite Whey, and Bulk Powders. You can also trust Naturya. Therefore, make sure that you first conduct your research before settling on one. Do not settle on something that won’t work, making you regret later.

Protein Takeway:
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There are several protein sources that you can rely on. However, if you are a woman who is either into fitness or weight loss, you are better off with protein powders. You can trust all the seven options that we have given you in our article.