A healthy breakfast is mandatory if you want to stay healthy. When we think of breakfast, the first thing that comes to our minds is pancakes. There are hundreds of pancake recipes to try and different variations depending on the ingredients you are looking for in the pancakes. In this article, we will focus on low carb banana protein pancakes.

As you already know, proteins are very important in your body. The macronutrient forms the building blocks, which are then transported by the blood to various body parts such as the brain, heart, kidneys, etc. The amino acids formed when proteins are broken down are also used in the generation of new cells to allow the body to grow. The result of protein digestion is energy which will take you through the day. It’s, therefore, important to incorporate more protein and fewer carbs in your breakfast to ensure you have the energy to take through the day. Here are some ways to make low carb banana protein pancakes.

  1. Protein powder banana pancakes
  2. Peanut butter chocolate protein banana pancakes
  3. Oatmeal banana protein pancakes

Protein powder banana pancakes

Protein powder always comes through when you are looking to add some extra proteins to any dish. You only need four simple ingredients for this dish: protein powder, banana, eggs and baking powder.


  • Separate the egg to remove the egg whites from two eggs as you would do when preparing meringue. You can as well use the whole egg, including the yoke for even more protein.
  • Blend the egg whites or whisk until they are fluffy. This is important to improve the pancake texture. Remember there is no flour, so the texture of these banana pancakes will not be the typical pancakes. Also, vary the egg whites depending on how runny you expect the eggs to be. 4 egg whites or 1/2-1/3 cup is enough.
  • Prepare your banana before the cooking starts and let it sit while you prepare the other ingredients. The bananas will oxidize and adapt a brownish colour which will look good on your pancakes. You can also take this as an opportunity to use those overripe bananas nobody wants to eat. They are easier to mash, and it’s a great way of getting rid of them.
  • Add your banana until you achieve right consistency but remember that this pancake batter tends to be lighter than the flour pancake batter. You can add more banana until it thickens.
  • Blend all the ingredients. Pulse until the pancake batter is smooth and nice.
  • Add spices of your choice such as vanilla, cinnamon or any other.

This recipe will not have the texture and consistency of traditional pancakes, but they are amazing in flavour and nutrients. You can add toppings such as honey, maple syrup, yoghurt or fresh fruit.

Also, some good news is you can always refrigerate these protein powder banana pancakes. You can make more than two servings, and all you need to do is remove from the freezer and warm. Ensure the packs are individually wrapped between parchment paper before tossing them in a releasable bag. Two minutes warm in the microwave will be enough to war them before leaving for work. Refrigerated banana pancakes can stay fresh for up to two months!

Peanut butter chocolate protein banana pancakes

Are you looking for a way to up your protein banana pancakes? Adding some peanut butter does not only make protein pancakes nutritious but also mouth-watering sweet. The best part is also a very simple recipe that needs only five ingredients: egg whites, banana, protein powder, baking powder and peanut butter. This recipe is more nutrient-dense compared to the simple one above.

  • Start by separating the egg whites from the eggs. Use about 2-4 eggs depending on the consistency you are going for. You can as well use the whole egg with the yolk for more proteins.
  • Beat the eggs thoroughly or use a hand blender to blend the eggs until fluffy to add texture to the batter.
  • Add your mashed bananas to the beaten eggs and mix well. Add the spices if using any and a scoop of protein powder and mix to form your butter. You can toss the mixture in your blender and pulse until smooth.
  • Once the batter is consistent, add a big scoop of peanut butter or about one tablespoon into your batter. You can also swap the peanut butter with any nut or seed butter of your choice, especially if you are allergic.

The peanut butter will not only add nutrients to the pancake butter but also make the batter denser in texture. You can proceed to fry the pancakes with any oil or butter of your choice. Ensure the upper side has begun to dry before flipping the pancake.

Oatmeal banana protein pancakes

This is another variation of flourless banana pancake. Adding some oatmeal is a way of increasing the protein value of the pancakes and creating amazing “pancakey” consistency for your pancakes. The oats add some carbs into the pancakes too bit while staying within the recommended rate.

You need the same ingredients as with the other recipes above, protein powder, bananas, egg whites, baking powder and the oats.

  • Start by separating the egg whites from the egg yolk. 2-4 eggs will be enough unless you want to really runny pancake butter. You can also consider using the whole egg form ore protein from the yolk.
  • You can smash the bananas separately especially if you don’t have a blender or food processor. It’s always a great idea to leave the bananas for some hours so they can oxidize and form an attractive brown colour that will look good on your pancakes.
  • Add the mashed bananas, a scoop of protein powder, oats, spices if using any and baking powder into the egg whites. Mix in the blender and pulse until you achieve the desired consistency.
  • Once your batter is ready, use some butter or vegetable oil to fry until ready. You can add some additional nutrients into the [pancakes by adding some spinach in the blender or nut butter of your choice.

What should you use to top your pancakes?

There are endless pancake toppings even if you are going for a healthy diet. Studies have shown that the body cannot distinguish between natural sugars and artificial ones. You can go for sweet and savoury pancakes while still using natural and healthy toppings. Loading your pancakes with artificial sweetener and syrups will beat the logic of protein pancakes. So, here are some healthy fruity toppings you can use for your banana protein pancakes. Take a look!

  • Blueberries that have been heated up with some water to create a natural syrup. This homemade syrup is suitable for kids who won’t have pancakes without syrup.
  • Sauteed apples with cinnamon or any other spices of your choice. You can then use the pancake as a taco shell and enjoy your breakfast.
  • Garnish with strawberries, blueberries and bananas. Garnish never goes out of fashion with pancakes. Get creative with your garnishes as long as you are keeping it healthy.

Are banana protein pancakes suitable for vegans?

Yes, banana protein pancakes can also be made by vegans. Ensure you are using a protein powder that is vegan friendly and swapping the egg whites with another ingredient of your choice such as almond flour. Remember that vegan-friendly protein powders tend to absorb all the liquid leaving the batter dry so sure you compensate for that. The packed recipe is very simple and can always be changed up with suitable substitutes.

It can be overwhelming nonetheless to choose a protein powder whether you are a vegan or not. There are so many protein powders in the market; it’s hard to determine which will work for your banana pancakes. Always ensure you choose a protein powder of high quality. You should also look out for properties such as:

  • Low in sugar
  • No processed oils
  • No carrageenan
  • No random flavours added.

Protein Takeway:
Protein Pancakes – Low Carb Banana Protein Pancake Breakfast

While it seems impossible to have flourless pancakes, it’s possible with the recipes we have covered in this article. Do not expect them to taste like your typical pancakes, but it’s something when you are trying to eliminate carbs from your diets.

Banana protein pancakes tend to be super light and delicate due to the protein powders and the lack of flour to blend the ingredients. They are also very indulgent because the particles don’t hold together. Ensure you take your time to chew every particle as they are easy to inhale, which can cause accidents.

Also, ensure you could use any protein source in your banana pancakes but ensure you use ingredients that can easily blend in with the batter. For instance, I would recommend using whey protein as it blends in well with other ingredients compared to collagen and casein, which have been denser. The also, you behave to choose between different flavours like vanilla, chocolate or completely unflavored protein. Ensure it blends in well with the banana.

Have you tried any of the recipes yet? All the ingredients needed for these recipes is probably lying in your pantry. Let us know which one works for you!