An average half cup of chickpeas contains 10.7 grams of protein and is 210 calories.

Health is everything and we need to eat healthy daily to stay fit. For this, we need to change our regular bad habits and food habits as well. We need to cut out the junk food items from our life. Instead, we need to add some protein-based food items in our daily diet chart. Protein is a very essential and important nutrient for all of us. Protein can work as the fuel source in our body. So, we need to choose the protein rich food items to balance the energy density in our bodies. There are so many food items from where you can get the protein strength. Chickpeas are one of them. We can find protein in chickpeas. Chickpeas are one type of legume. This item is available in a variety of colours and types. Beige colour and round shape is the most common one. But apart from this, there are red, green and black chickpeas available in the market. Chickpeas have so many health benefits and nutritional facts as well.

Nutritional facts of chickpeas

As we have already noticed that we can get protein in chickpeas. The nutritional amount of protein in chickpeas is 10.7g. Apart from this, we can get so many healthy nutrients from chickpeas. These are such as follows:

  • Fat: 3.8g
  • Calories: 210
  • Fibre: 9.6g
  • Carbohydrates: 35g

As we all know that protein is very much essential and beneficial for maintaining a healthy immune system. Protein in chickpeas can help our body to grow hair blocks, skin, nails and build muscle tissues as well. Nowadays, there are so many people who are vegetarian and do not touch meat, fish and other protein-based non-veg items. For them, chickpeas are the best option. It can offer so many health benefits and protein in chickpeas can help you replace the fish and meat in your vegan diet.

Health benefits of chickpeas

Chickpeas are very much popular by the name garbanzo beans. This item is full of fibre, protein and complex carbohydrates as well. So, we should add this food item in our regular diet chart. This legume is low in calories and it is very much effective and beneficial for our health. If you are a fitness freak and want to lead your life with the help of a proper diet, then chickpeas is one of the items that you should add your diet. If you notice, then you can see that chickpeas were extremely popular in so many Mediterranean recipes and Indian food menus. It is one of the plant-based protein sources for our body. Chickpeas have a lot of health benefits with proteins, vitamins, fibre, minerals and all.

  1. Promote the health of the heart
    Chickpeas are generally rich in fibre. You should know the fact that high cholesterol is linked to poor cardiovascular health. If you consume chickpeas, then it will ensure your heart health. By consuming chickpeas, you can reduce the level of bad cholesterol. The one-third of the fibre in chickpeas are soluble fibres and it is very much beneficial for heart health. So, chickpeas are heart-healthy food items. So, in half a cup of chickpeas contains 16% of fibre. By eating the fibre-rich diet, you can keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of various heart diseases.
  2. Control blood sugar level
    Chickpeas are very much beneficial for controlling blood sugar level. Chickpeas are available in two types such as canned and dried. Both types of chickpeas have a low level of the glycemic index. Our body absorbs chickpeas slowly and digests them slowly as well. Chickpeas have one type of starch in it. This is called amylose. This starch is helping our bodies to stop insulin and blood sugar level from going rapidly. So, chickpeas are very much beneficial and effective for people with diabetes.
  3. Improve bone health
    It is very much important to keep your colon health good. For that, you need to eat foods in high resistant starch. Chickpeas are one of them. Chickpeas will help you to make strong your digestive system and promote healthy bowel flow as well.
  4. Improve colon health
    It is very much important to keep your colon health good. For that, you need to eat foods in high resistant starch. Chickpeas are one of them. Chickpeas will help you to make strong your digestive system and promote healthy bowel flow as well.
  5. Help in weight management
    Nowadays, people are very much aware of their weight. Everyone wants to stay fit. Weight loss management is very much important for that. But apart from the regular exercises to lose the belly fat, you need to eat healthily. You need to eat foods that are high and rich in fibre and protein as well. You can find protein in chickpeas and this can help you to stay full for a long time and consume fewer calories. Apart from this, chickpeas can offer you better glycemic control and also reduce your appetite. You can also reduce your calorie intake through chickpeas. So, chickpeas are one of the best legumes that can help you to maintain your weight and perfectly designed for your weight loss diet.
  6. Mental health
    Chickpeas can help us to keep our mental health good and strong as well. One cup of chickpeas contains 69.7 milligrams of choline. This helps us a lot to maintain our nervous system and brain function. Choline in chickpeas can play some essential roles regarding mood and muscle control, learning, memory and also maintain the metabolism of the body. In some studies, it showed that selenium deficiency can lead to cognitive decline in the case of older people. Selenium can support the mental health and memory system. Chickpeas can work marvelously in these cases.
  7. Reduce inflammation
    Inflammation can cause due to several factors such as stress and all. Chickpeas can boost the metabolism power in our body. It can help to reduce inflammation as well. Chickpeas are rich in so many nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, protein, iron, magnesium and selenium that can fight against the chronic inflammation.
  8. Treat a fungal infection
    Black chickpeas are one of the best things and excellent remedies to cut down fungal infections. If you have ringworm and that causes itchiness in your skin, then chickpeas can give you some relief. You can notice that ringworm may happen on skin, scalp and feet as well. If you consult your doctor, then they may advise you to take soaked or boiled black chickpeas regularly without adding salt in it.
  9. Clear dandruff
    Dandruff is a common problem for many people. In this case, chickpeas can help you a lot. You can apply the chickpeas flour mix with water on your scalp. You need to keep this mixture for 30 minutes and after that, you can wash it off. It is very much effective to get rid of dandruff and you can also get the shiny hair. Minerals and proteins in chickpeas can help you to make your hair strong and rich in minerals. Apart from this, you can also get rid off from the grey hair. So, you will have to add black chickpeas in your regular diet. It can increase the level of manganese in your body. It can prevent changes caused due to pigmentation and reducing the grey hair problems.
  10. Boost the nervous system and liver
    Chickpeas contain Vitamin B9 and folate as well. Chickpeas are very much good in maintaining the brain and muscle development. It is also quite helpful to offer the smooth functioning of the nervous system. It is an optimal metabolism as well. It helps to function well of the crucial organs. Chickpeas are very much helpful in the digestion problem. It is rich in fibre. So, you should not forget to add chickpeas in your regular diet. In this way, you may get a healthy heart, body and brain.
  11. Control your appetite
    The fibre and protein in chickpeas can help you stay full for a long time. Chickpeas can control your appetite. We all know the fact that fibre and protein can slow down the digestion system. It helps to offer you fullness. Apart from this, protein may increase the level of appetite-reducing or decreasing hormones. So, if you consume chickpeas, then you lower the rate of calorie intake. You can eat one cup of chickpeas before a meal. So, chickpeas are worth adding in your diet. You can get benefits from their fullness-promoting act.
  12. Beneficial plant-based protein
    As we have already mentioned that chickpeas are an effective and beneficial source of plant-based protein. You can compare the protein content of chickpeas to the black beans and lentils. 28 grams of chickpeas can provide you with 3 grams of proteins. Protein is playing an important role in weight control and for that chickpeas are better than any other lentils. Chickpeas contain essential amino acids. These are great for the people who cannot take the animal proteins in their diet.
  13. Provide vitamins and minerals
    Chickpeas are high in fibres, minerals, vitamins, iron, zinc, folate and phosphorus. These nutrients are very much important for vegans and vegetarians. Many people of today are vegan and they do not want to take or consume animal diet. For them, chickpeas can work well. These are great source of iron, folate and zinc. It can make better the immune system as well. It can also help to solve the problem of poor digestion system. For pregnant women, chickpeas are greatly beneficial food items. Zinc in chickpeas can protect our body from free radical damages. Many people fell sick due to digestive problems like diarrhoea and other problems like infertility, poor eye health and thinning hair and helps to recover the wound healing. If you have anaemia then it can help you to form haemoglobin in the blood. Apart from this, chickpeas are rich in three different sources such as Magnesium, Manganese and Vitamin B6.
  14. May help you to prevent cancer
    Chickpeas have so many nutrients and compounds. It can act well to protect against certain types of cancers. These are such as follows:

    The fibre in chickpeas helps to protect against colorectal cancer.
    Butyrate in chickpeas can help us to protect against colorectal cancer.
    Saponins in chickpeas can help you to protect against various types of cancers.
    Vitamins B in chickpeas can help you to protect against lung and breast cancers.
  15. Boost up your energy level
    Chickpeas are great for boosting up your energy level. It can also increase your immunity system. It has so many healthy nutrients such as Manganese, Phosphorus and Thiamine. Manganese can work well to produce energy in our body and boost up the all-round immunity as well.
  16. Reduce cholesterol
    Many people have high cholesterol level. They need to go with the perfect diet chart or food plan. They can take chickpeas in regular diet. It can help them to reduce the LDL level which is bad cholesterol level. In this way, chickpeas can also restrain the potential and related risks of cardiovascular diseases. So, for cholesterol problem you can consume chickpeas. This can lower the risk of strokes and other types of heart diseases.
  17. Fight against anti-ageing
    After the thirties, there are some problems that every woman faces. Ageing is one of those problems. Women need to handle so many problems such as wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines and all. The skin becomes dull as per the age is growing up. So, if you want to get back the youthful and radiant skin, then chickpeas can help you a lot. Chickpeas can reduce ageing problems in the case of women. It can provide the natural glow and healthy skin as well.
  18. Good for eyesight
    Doctors recommend consuming chickpeas daily for all-round eye vision. Chickpeas are rich with Vitamin A and help to maintain the mucus membrane health of our eyes. So, it is good for your eyesight and skin as well. You can boil them and eat or else you can also add them with so many recipes and Indian dishes in order to enhance the nutrient power of the food dish
  19. Regulates the hormonal level
    For women, chickpeas are very much essential. Chickpeas are a good source of nutrients. It is rich in plant hormones and antioxidants as well. Chickpeas are perfect to maintain the mood swings in the menstruation period. It is also helpful for the post-menopausal period of women.
  20. Controls blood pressure level
    Chickpeas are very much beneficial to reduce the level of blood pressure. It can work well with hypertension problems. Chickpeas can help to balance the correct electrolyte level in our body. The reason behind this is the presence of magnesium and potassium in chickpeas.

These are the health benefits of chickpeas. So, you should not wait to add this item in your daily diet.

An inexpensive option to add in your regular diet

Chickpeas are very much inexpensive and you can easily add it in your regular diet. Chickpeas are reasonable and easily available food item. You can get it from any grocery store both offline and online as well. You can get the dried or canned variants in the stores. You can buy whatever you want.

Chickpeas are a versatile food item and you can add it in different food dishes as well. You can make sandwiches, salads and soups as well with the help of chickpeas. You can also add it in the burgers and tacos. It is an excellent food alternative for meat and fish. You can get the same protein benefits from chickpeas.

Chickpeas are high in iron and it helps you to stay energized for a long time. These are versatile seeds to cook with. So, you can prepare so many food items and dishes with chickpeas. Chickpeas taste well while you combine it with olive oil and lemon. In this way, you can make salads. For the healthy fast food dishes, you can use the smashed chickpeas for an alternative of the mayonnaise.

Chickpeas were very much popular across the Middle East. It is used in so many traditional healthy food recipes. Chickpeas are popular for centuries in the whole world. Nowadays, India is one of the greatest producers of chickpeas. India offers 80% to 90% production of chickpeas. Apart from India, Pakistan, Turkey and Mexico also produce chickpeas.

Protein Takeway:
protein in chickpeas

You cannot ignore the fact that you will have to eat healthy to stay healthy and fit. Protein in chickpeas can help you to stay fit and healthy. If you have not added chickpeas in your diet, then it is the high time to consume or take chickpeas regularly. Especially, black chickpeas are loaded with Vitamins, protein and minerals as well. So; add chickpeas and lead a healthy lifestyle.


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